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Neurons are incredibly long and slender, making them prone to mechanical stress as we move our bodies throughout our lifetimes. Unfortunately, we do not have a substantial understanding of the intracellular structures that neurons have to combat this stress as well as degeneration. My work will improve our knowledge of the cytoskeletal network that neurons use to maintain stability and function in the face of mechanical stress.

I am interested in studying the molecular basis of how cells sense and interact with their environment. In particular I am studying the process of mechanosensation in worms. I want to work out the molecular details of whether there is a cross-talk between different kinds of cellular mechanoreceptors and the degree of their interdependence.

Miriam Goodman at Stanford. Here, I study the role of ion channels and their stoichiometry in touch receptor neurons of the nematode C. From whole brain recordings, via patch-clamping zebrafish sperm to mechanosensitive neurons in C. The importance of touch is evident in our everyday lives, eating and typing are two simple tasks that depend on tactile feedback, yet the physics of touch sensation is not properly understood.

To Study the touch sensation C. Using this animal as model, applying Finite Element FE as computational approach, and Atomic Force Microscopy AFM as measurement technique we expect to understand sense of touch in more details.

Project Title : Identifying potential small molecules compounds for the treatment of chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy. Expertise : ion channel physiology and pharmacology, electrophysiology, pre-clinical drug discovery. My primary goal of joining the Goodman Lab is to explore the molecular mechanisms of chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy CIPN using C.

Chemotherapy is one of the most effective ways to treat different types of cancer. The unique biology and compact genome of C. The ultimate goal of my project is to find potential small molecule compounds for the treatment of CIPN.

Sammy is studying how membrane composition and mechanoreceptor channel structure govern touch sensitivity. She graduated from UC Berkeley in with a B.

At Stanford, Sammy helped found the scicomm group NeuWrite West for students who wanted science to be understandable to the public www. In her spare time, she is also president of the Stanford Jujitsu Club.

My background is in mechanical engineering, but I am venturing into the world of biological research. My research interests focus on understanding how the mechanical properties of the worm's tissues affect its ability to sense touch stimuli.

Outside the lab, I enjoy spending time biking, hiking, skiing, and running in the California sunshine. Her current work in the lab aims at developing a cell culture system that will improve their ability to probe the biophysical and biological underpinnings of mechanosensation. Upon completing her PhD, Joy plans on further exploring the role of mechanosensation in movement disorders as a post-doctoral scholar, and hopefully one day as a principal investigator.

Outside of lab work, she spends her time racing bicycles and playing with her dog Einstein. Born and grew up in Guangzhou, China. Came to the Golden State in Became a worm sensorian soon after till now.All scan resolutions are approximate, slight variations may occur. Include any important information you need to convey to us about your shoot under the Special Instructions area.

Safely place your film in a ziplock bag along with your Order Form. We encourage the use of a box to place your film into before sending it off this tends to help keep your film safe while in transit. Once your film has arrived to our lab location you will be notified by email with an email breakdown of your order.

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Goodman Lab

Working together with open dialogue, we are able to achieve a the high standard in creating an amazing film photograph. As soon as we receive your film, you will receive an invoice which will include information on your order. Please be sure to review your invoices for any changes you may need in processing. For all mail-in orders, we will wait until the next day before we develop your film. This gives you time to review your invoice in case you need any changes, such as adding any pushes to your film.

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goodman lab

Additional Lab Services. Scan Sizes. Our "Standard" file size breakdown : 35mm - 25mb x 6x4.

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Invoicing As soon as we receive your film, you will receive an invoice which will include information on your order. Scanning This is where your film negative becomes a digital image, we scan only using Fuji Frontier Sps Scanners at our lab. Delivery Once the film orders have been scanned and our skilled editors have done the final quality control on the final images, we are now ready to deliver your order.

Contact us Call or email us at goodmanfilmlab gmail.In the gut, these microbes form a metabolic organ whose genes outnumber those in the human genome by over fold, and whose composition can change overnight. It is becoming increasingly clear that variation in these communities has important consequences for health. The overall goal of the lab is to dissect the mechanisms that commensal gut microbes use to compete, cooperate, and antagonize each other in the gut and to explore how microbiome variation impacts our response to external perturbations, including pathogenic infection and medical drugs.

goodman lab

Goodman Lab researchers are investigating whether the gut microbiota can alter the activity of medicinal drugs. Podcast Microbes metabolising drugs starts at 0m 45s Goodman Lab researchers are investigating whether the gut microbiota can alter the activity of medicinal drugs. Disentangling host and microbiome contributions to drug metabolism Video by Andrew Goodman. Your browser is antiquated and no longer supported on this website.

Please update your browser or switch to Chrome, Firefox or Safari.Goodman received her B. She completed her Ph. Goodman joined the faculty in the Department of Psychology at Emory University in She is a licensed practicing psychologist in the State of Georgia.

She graduated from the University of Texas in with a B. Prior to coming to Emory, she worked as Project Coordinator for Dr.

goodman lab

David Yeager and Lab Manager for Dr. Cristine Legare at UT Austin. Her research interests center on better understanding the early cognitive, biological, and social processes driving the development of depression. By studying these vulnerabilities to depression, she hopes to help develop more effective prevention programs. Meeka is a fifth year doctoral student in the Clinical Psychology program at Emory University.

She graduated from Williams College in with a B. Subsequently, she worked as a Research Assistant at the Nurture Science Program at Columbia University Medical Center where she examined depression and anxiety symptoms in mothers of preterm infants during their NICU stays and post-discharge. Meeka is interested in examining the risk factors and progression of perinatal depression, as well as early predictors of infant developmental outcomes.

She also hopes to explore potential interventions that may optimize developmental outcomes of children of depressed mothers. She graduated from Vanderbilt University in with a B. Prior to coming to Emory, she was a research assistant for Dr. Her research on the effects of maternal depression on child development focuses on the analysis of women's narrative of parenting while depressed, and children's perceptions of their mother's depression.

Email: blaire. She graduated from New York University in with a degree in music.

goodman lab

Upon graduating, Blaire enrolled in the Columbia University psychology postbac program and began working with Dr. In Dr. Email: jvissic emory. Jessie graduated from Emory University in with a B. She began working with the Goodman Lab in as an undergraduate research assistant.

During her time in the lab, she received the SIRE grant in to study maternal valdiation and invalidation toward daughter's at risk for Borderline Personality Disorder, and she completed her honors thesis with Highest Honors studying mother-infant affect synchrony and infant frontal EEG asymmetry.

Lauren is a student at Georgia State majoring in psychology. She will be working with Katie on the PA study for the summer! Shivani is a senior psychology major. She works under the supervision of Meeka as an infant gaze coder. Meeka Maier Email: meeka.Professor Gail S.

In the memory development area, her work explores theoretical issues concerning the relation between trauma and memory, attachment and memory, and semantic and epidosic memory, as well as the relation between emotion and memory.

Her studies have been cited in U. Supreme Court decisions. Hobbs, S. International Journal on Child Maltreatment. Goodman, G. Clinical Psychological Science, 7, Goldfarb, D.

Clinical Psychological Science. Chae, Y. How children remember the Strange Situation Procedure. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, Saywitz, K. When interviewing children: A review and update. Klika Eds. Newbury Park, CA: Sage. Read More. Distinguished Professor Department of Psychology.

All Rights Reserved. Advanced Search…. Home People. Education Ph. About Professor Gail S. Can trauma help long-term memory for childhood events? Impact matters! Child Development Perspectives, 13, Psychological counseling and memory for child sexual abuse. American Psychologist, 72 Howe Eds. Memory development, emotion regulation, and trauma-related psychopathology. Cicchetti Ed. New York, NY: Wiley. Larson, R.

Child victims and witnesses. Cordon, I. Tashjian, S.Many other OHSU services are halted or limited for now. Richard Goodman: Vollum Research Profile. This article references Xiaolu Lulu A. Cambronne was a postdoctoral fellow in the Goodman Lab.

Increases in mitochondrial NADH flood the engine and bring the Krebs cycle to a halt, an important control because too much NADH generates reactive oxygen which is deleterious to the cell. Cancer cells generate energy differently, effectively bypassing the mitochondrial contribution, and this metabolic difference between normal cells and cancer cells could provide a target for therapeutic intervention.

Their paper generated some controversy but ultimately was supported by other labs who came to similar conclusions. Still, these corroborating measurements were also indirect and not suitable for answering many of the most important questions.

Cambronne's studies may also shed light on the re-wiring of metabolic pathways in cancer cells known as the Warburg effect and provide insights into how to interfere with these pathways without harming normal cells.

Of note, Cambronne and Warburg have a "Kevin Bacon number" degree of separation of five. Krebs trained Hans Kornberg, the former Biochemistry chairman at Cambridge, who introduced Goodman to biochemical research. Thus, Cambronne's paper is the latest addition to a lineage that dates back to the s. John Koberstein Graduate Student Email: koberste ohsu. Melissa Stewart, Ph. Senior Research Associate Email: stewarme ohsu. Jennifer Beck Assistant to the Director Email: becje ohsu.

Mail code L Portland, OR Dock 4, Vollum Rm. Find information and resources.

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Breadcrumbs Vollum Institute Goodman Lab. Current lab members. Contact information. Lab phone number. Lab location. Faculty support. Mailing address. Shipping address. PortlandOregon Goodman lab is a community of innovative photography enthusiasts. Together we create devices we always wished existed.

Today, we live in a world where big companies define and dictate our needs instead of serving them. The time for change has come. Only you know exactly how you like your own camera, that peculiar way you hold it, or the shape that fits best into your hands. A lifetime companion that knows you better than anyone else ever can. Environmental consciousness has never been more important than it is today. We firmly believe that every industry should strive to reduce their eco-footprint, and photography is no exception.

Making the world a better place for future generations is constantly in the forefront of our minds. Therefore, we are always on the lookout for new opportunities to make greener products. On top of the noble and eternal material that wood is, we rely solely on bio-degradable plastic, and we are looking at the possibility to use recycled plastic as well as vegan leather.

Trees and forests are the lung of this planet, a vital part of our eco-system, and we offer you the opportunity to actively contribute to healing Mother Nature. Goodman lab. Dora Goodman.

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